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Brand new Radiator Cabinet

What are Radiator Cabinets?

Radiator Cabinets are quality wooden furniture pieces that surround your radiator. They are the perfect place for pictures, flowers and other household items.

Why Radiator Cabinets?

Many people live in homes that have no fireplace or the fireplace has been removed. This means they don’t have a mantelpiece to place family pictures, statuettes and such. A nice Radiator Cabinet allows you to have a place to display these items in a home.

How can you offer so many designs?

We offer a multitude of designs for our radiator cabinets because we manufacture every single radiator cabinet in our factory on our cutting machine. This means we can cut any design you like, we offer a variety of predetermined designs, but custom designs are possible if needed. We’ve built radiator cabinets with company logos and custom designs.