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Covers to suit a chic country decor, classic Victorian or a modern minimalist style.

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We only use the highest quality materials and spray paint. More colours at request.

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Radiators were created in mid-19th century and shortly after used by rich Victorians. Cast iron radiators were decorated with beautiful and elaborate designs. They used to fit perfectly into the decor of Victorian houses.

If you want to update the look of your interior design you can purchase radiator covers that will suit your decor. You will also be able to reclaim the space on the top of the cover for picture frames, books or plants.

Radiator Covers Ireland

We create radiator covers using high quality MDF. Choosing from our many samples listed on the website you can order a radiator cover with 3 finish options: raw, primed and sprayed.

Our radiator covers are easy to install. You can simply put the cover against the wall without having to mechanically fixate it but we also supply fixtures to attach them to the wall. In an instance where you will need to service the radiator valves you can lift up the cover and get an easy access to them.

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Rad Covers

Rad covers are constructed without a back. The area surrounded by a rad cover will include the valves. When sizing a radiator cover you have to measure it from valve to valve. The top and bottom vents, along with the front openings will allow the heat to circulate. Rad covers are mobile and have an easy access for cleaning underneath.

The design, functionality and aesthetics of a rad cover can make a radiator become a feature of your existing furniture. You can construct shelves around a rad cover to blend it into your interior decor.

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Wall panelling can be an additional feature of your interior design and can be paired with rad covers in matching material and colour.

Radiator Covers Dublin

Our workshop creates the best designs on the market presenting you with a wide variety of styles to choose from. You can find a cover to suit a house that has a chic country decor, a classic Victorian style or a modern minimalist style.

If you have a home with history and you want to enhance the old, beautiful features we have a range of classic radiator covers to choose from. The fun patterned options for kids rooms can be painted in bright and vibrant colours.

Radiator Cabinets Ireland

Radiator covers made to measure
You will need a radiator cover that is made to measure if your valve positioning is substandard or your skirting is higher than normal. The width of the radiator cover can be adjusted to suit your living space. We can make a cover that has wide surface area or a slim cover in areas where free room is a necessity.

Custom made radiator covers
If you want to expand your storage you can install custom made cabinets and shelves around your radiator covers.

Small radiator covers
We offer covers in small sizes to suit areas with limited space like a bathroom. You can use the surface area for storing bathroom essentials or to keep your towels warm.

Extra large radiator covers
Large radiators can be sized and covered to blend them into your interior design.

Slimline or shallow radiator covers
Slimline radiator covers are perfect for minimalist and small households. It’s a stylish solution for masking a radiator. Hanging a mirror above the cover will visually expand a small living space.