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Radiator Covers

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    Best Radiator Covers

    Radiator Covers to suit a chic country decor, classic Victorian or a modern minimalist style.

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    We only use the highest quality materials and spray paint. More colours at request.

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    Nationwide delivery service with the option to collect from our workshop (Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm).

    It is often the small details that help to make your home more comfortable. 

    Radiator covers are a great way to add more character to any room. Our made-to-measure covers are available in a range of styles and colours — and we are sure to have the perfect radiator cover for you!

    Radiators are a necessity within the modern, central heated home but can often be unsightly. 

    We design and manufacture all our radiator covers using high-quality, moisture resistant MDF at our warehouse in Dublin. 

    Finished in PU paint, usually in a tasteful off-white but also available in a colour of your choice upon request, these covers are the perfect addition to your house and a way to compliment the style of any room.

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    Radiator Covers

    A further reason you may choose to order radiator covers is the functional purpose they add.

    Often the position of radiators can create wasted space. By choosing to have a radiator cover you are also able to add a shelf space in your room.

    In the past we have designed radiator covers which incorporate larger units which can be used as cabinets or bookshelves. Our team loves a challenge so get in touch if you have any specific design requests.

    Alongside the design and functionality benefits of radiator covers there is also a safety benefit. Covering a radiator will ensure younger children are protected from the heat and prevent any accidental injuries from touching the radiator or slipping into it.

    When considering redecorating a room within your home, it is important to seek inspiration and create a picture of what you would like the finished room to be. For those of you who prefer a traditional inspired style, you may want to include wall panelling.

    While it is often considered to be a traditional element of interior design you are able to order wall panelling with a few modern design twists. This — coupled with stylish radiator covers — would help to create a refined design statement.

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    Made to Measure Radiator Covers Ireland

    While we manufacture and produce a range of radiator covers in standard sizes, we also offer bespoke radiator covers to provide the perfect fit.

    These rad covers are particularly useful if you are incorporating a vintage of unusual interior design pieces into your home. Opting for a made-to-measure radiator cover, ensures that you can make a design statement out of these essential pieces of furniture in every room of your home.

    For those hard to reach radiators in alcoves or corners of your home which often prove difficult to incorporate into the chosen styling of your room, we can radiator covers in our full range of styles, and finishes.

    Every radiator in every room in every home can be uplifted and made stunning with one of our bespoke rad covers.

    A further benefit of ordering made-to-measure radiator covers is the ability to create a perfect snug fit and which allows for optimum airflow and increases the effectiveness of your heating system.

    Building your radiator cover to the exact measurement means that there is no wasted space- perfect for smaller rooms.


    What are the advantages of radiator covers?

    Ordering rad covers directly from us with your measurement is more affordable than you would think for a bespoke product. If you want to create a common theme throughout your home, we suggest choosing the same style rad covers to fit all the radiators in your home.

    If you want to do something a bit unique, why not try choosing the same style in a different finish to compliment the colour scheme of each room.

    Alongside our bespoke radiator covers, we can also produce made-to-measure cabinets to cover your radiator which are both extremely stylish and practical.

    Ordering a rad cover which combines storage such as a bookshelf or TV cabinet is a unique and innovative way to conceal your radiators and ensure your home looks great.

    radiator cabinets

    Our radiator covers are designed to maximise airflow and prevent heat loss. Our styles feature cutouts that allow the warm air to circulate from your radiator to your room, and keep your heating system working at its best.

    Covering your radiators is only recommended if your home heating works correctly and there are no faults. If your immersion heater is experiencing issues such as overheating or is causing your rads to lose heat too fast, we recommend you book an immersion heater repair which can be done while your new covers are being made.


    Radiator Cover Prices

    All of our radiator covers are competitively priced. Starting from €159, our radiator cover price varies based on the size, design and finish you opt for.

    Browse our product pages for more details or get in touch with one of the team for a personalised quote.

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    If you have any questions or special requests our team is available and ready to help you.

    Bespoke Radiator Covers

    The first thing people see when they step inside your home is the hallway — and it’s true what people say, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression.

    Hallways in most homes usually lack individuality and can appear monotonous.

    Choosing to add a radiator cover in your hallway provides an additional design element which breaks up the very basic layout of most hallways. Choosing a radiator cover with a bold pattern could really make it a feature within your hallway.

    Furthermore, you could choose radiator cabinets instead of regular covers — which would not only make a design statement could double up as a storage space for keys, shoes and coats.

    bespoke radiator covers

    Radiator Cabinets Styles

    Radiator cabinets made to measure
    You will need a radiator cover that is made to measure if your valve positioning is substandard or your skirting is higher than normal. The width of the radiator cover can be adjusted to suit your living space. We can make a cover that has wide surface area or a slim cover in areas where free room is a necessity.

    Custom made radiator covers
    If you want to expand your storage you can install custom made cabinets and shelves around your radiator covers.

    Small radiator covers
    We offer covers in small sizes to suit areas with limited space like a bathroom. You can use the surface area for storing bathroom essentials or to keep your towels warm.

    Extra large radiator covers
    Large radiators can be sized and covered to blend them into your interior design.

    Slimline or shallow radiator covers
    Slimline radiator covers are perfect for minimalist and small households. It’s a stylish solution for masking a radiator. Hanging a mirror above the cover will visually expand a small living space.