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ON SALE NOW   |   900mm Radiator Covers from €159.00 incl. VAT

Our radiator covers are custom cut to specific sizes, but sometimes we may have a few extras on hand that are in perfect condition and up to 80% off.

Check below for our current special offers available for collection or delivery immediately and contact us to take one. Alternatively, you can place an order for a cut-to-size radiator cover here.

Rad Cover Style L

Dimensions (mm):
1500 W x 690 H x 200 D
1400 W x 900 H x 200 D
1600 W x 900 H x 200 D

All Primed

€120 each

Rad Cover Style H

Dimensions (mm):
710 W x 800 H x 200 D



Traditional Rad Cover 3

Dimensions (mm):
1200 W x 900 H x 200 D (3x available)

Sprayed white

€150 each