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Why Radiator Cabinets are so popular

Radiator covers are a modern furniture piece that have only gotten popular in the last decade or so. However, that doesn’t mean they are a simple fad. Ever since we built Radcover.ie in late March, we have been out the door with orders for Radiator Covers and Radiator Cabinets.

They have shot up in popularity because of all the benefits they provide, for such a cheap cost. Radiator covers are excellent for heat retention, which keeps your house warm and cosy. This extra insulation is incredibly noticeable once you have installed a radiator cover.

They also offer protection from old overheating radiators, that are dangerous for any homeowner that has pets or small children. Uncovered radiators can and have been the cause of many deaths in recent years, and this is partially why homeowners are purchasing radiator cabinets, for the safety features.

Radiator cabinets also offer a place to hold family portraits and items of that nature. With the removal or absence of fireplaces in most homes, such as apartments or newer houses, homes need a new centre to place these items. Many homeowners are choosing to place these items on their quality wooden radiator cabinetry.

Wooden furniture pieces are coming back into style recently, we design, build and spray-paint custom furniture pieces for homeowners all over the country, and we’ve seen an increase in wooden pieces being ordered & purchased over the more modern metal & glass construction. Wooden dining tables, dining chairs, cabinets, wardrobes & wall panelling are all in style now, as the metal & glass constructed furniture pieces are found to be not worth the constant upkeep and fragility of the pieces. People need quality furniture pieces that will last, and that’s exactly what we deliver here at Radcover.ie