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Storage Heater Covers

Storage heaters are fitted oil filled electric heaters than can cost a lot less than running cheaper plug in electric heaters, saving you money in the long run.

Most people say their electric bills have gone down when they switched to storage heaters over electrical heaters, as storage heaters collect energy from the mains during off peak hours, meaning they can be even cheaper than running oil or gas.

So, you’ve decided to have a storage heater installed & fitted to make savings on your heating costs. Excellent decision, but now you need to decide how you’re going to style your storage heater. Yes, they come with a standard cover, but you can improve on this and make something truly unique for your home.

Storage Heater Covers work very much in the same vein as mantle a piece for those who don’t have a fireplace. It’s a place to display family photos and centrepieces that can really tie the room together.

You can add a unique furniture piece to your home, and keep warm for the winter.

Please note: Storage Heater Covers need to be oversized as they require significantly more room than standard radiators for air circulation in order to prevent overheating which can cause electrical faults. Please send us a quote request and we will advise you how much bigger the cover will need to be, and what styles would be most suitable to facilitate heat convection.