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The benefits of a Radcover.

Any home that uses radiators for heat could benefit from installing a radcover. This is especially true for older houses where the fitted radiators might not be appealing. Replacing old radiators with new, cleaner ones would do nothing for heating performance and would cost thousands. Instead you can improve the look of your radiators with some radcovers.


A fitted radcover

radcovers need to be large enough to fit around the entire unit without touching it. radcovers should have multiple holes to allow for heat to transfer through the unit, while still keeping its stylish appeal.

Why install a radcover?

The most important reason to install some radcovers is safety. Radiators can get extremely hot, If your home has small children or pets who may brush up against them, radiators can be quite hazardous. Additionally, If a radiator malfunctions and beings leaking, large amounts of hot steam can be produced. radcovers will prevent this steam from shooting out into the room.

With a radcover, a radiator can distribute heat better then without one. Since the heat is being pushed away from the wall, heat that would otherwise go into the ceiling goes straight into the middle of the room. Studies have shown the difference in the heat of a room can be as much as four and a half degrees.

How is a radcover built?

We manufacture our radcovers, Bunk beds dublin, & Dining tables in our Dublin-based factory in kylemore, park north. When we get the order for a new radcover, we immediately load up our cnc router cutting machine and begin cutting out the design the customer requested. From there we continue to cut all the individual pieces of the unit. Afterwards they are spray painted by our in-house spray painting team and left to dry. Finally, the pieces are put together and ready to be delivered straight to your home.