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Storage Heater Covers

Storage heaters are fitted oil filled electric heaters than can cost a lot less than running cheaper plug in electric heaters, saving you money in the long run.

Most people say their electric bills have gone down when they switched to storage heaters over electrical heaters, as storage heaters collect energy from the mains during off peak hours, meaning they can be even cheaper than running oil or gas.

So, you’ve decided to have a storage heater installed & fitted to make savings on your heating costs. Excellent decision, but now you need to decide how you’re going to style your storage heater. Yes, they come with a standard cover, but you can improve on this and make something truly unique for your home.

Storage Heater Covers work very much in the same vein as mantle a piece for those who don’t have a fireplace. It’s a place to display family photos and centrepieces that can really tie the room together.

You can add a unique furniture piece to your home, and keep warm for the winter.

Please note: Storage Heater Covers need to be oversized as they require significantly more room than standard radiators for air circulation in order to prevent overheating which can cause electrical faults. Please send us a quote request and we will advise you how much bigger the cover will need to be, and what styles would be most suitable to facilitate heat convection.

Radiator Covers & More

We’ve been selling radiator covers for months now, and it’s been an incredibly successful move. Radiator cabinetry have only gotten more and more popular in the past few months and we’ve made many a happy customer manufacturing & supplying it all around Dublin and the island of Ireland.

Now again we’ve decided to move into manufacturing and supplying another highly-coveted wooden furniture piece for a homeowner.

Wall panelling has been rising in popularity recently and we’ve finally decided to start cutting, manufacturing and supplying wall panelling for experienced homeowners or carpenters.

Now you can order four different styles of wall panelling from our new website, wallpanelling.ie.

Why Radiator Cabinets are so popular

Radiator covers are a modern furniture piece that have only gotten popular in the last decade or so. However, that doesn’t mean they are a simple fad. Ever since we built Radcover.ie in late March, we have been out the door with orders for Radiator Covers and Radiator Cabinets.

They have shot up in popularity because of all the benefits they provide, for such a cheap cost. Radiator covers are excellent for heat retention, which keeps your house warm and cosy. This extra insulation is incredibly noticeable once you have installed a radiator cover.

They also offer protection from old overheating radiators, that are dangerous for any homeowner that has pets or small children. Uncovered radiators can and have been the cause of many deaths in recent years, and this is partially why homeowners are purchasing radiator cabinets, for the safety features.

Radiator cabinets also offer a place to hold family portraits and items of that nature. With the removal or absence of fireplaces in most homes, such as apartments or newer houses, homes need a new centre to place these items. Many homeowners are choosing to place these items on their quality wooden radiator cabinetry.

Wooden furniture pieces are coming back into style recently, we design, build and spray-paint custom furniture pieces for homeowners all over the country, and we’ve seen an increase in wooden pieces being ordered & purchased over the more modern metal & glass construction. Wooden dining tables, dining chairs, cabinets, wardrobes & wall panelling are all in style now, as the metal & glass constructed furniture pieces are found to be not worth the constant upkeep and fragility of the pieces. People need quality furniture pieces that will last, and that’s exactly what we deliver here at Radcover.ie

Furniture suppliers Ireland

Radiator Covers Ireland are the number 1 supplier of affordable, stylish furniture pieces. Nowhere else can you find furniture delivered straight to your door for cheaper. We pride ourselves on our ability to satisfy our client’s needs. Whether you need a new bunk bed for the little ones, or a dining table that fits the whole family for the upcoming holidays, Radcover.ie are here to help.
When you order a piece from us, you will be put into contact with one of our Irish customer service officers. They will detail exactly what you need in your order, how long it will take, the delivery options.

You will have full assistance throughout the entire process to make it as easy as possible. We pride ourselves on our extensive customer service skills and customer satisfaction.
From there we can decide how to receive your bunk beds. Optimally, you can collect it from our factory here in Kylemore, Park North. This is the most cost-effective for both of us, as we don’t have to pay a courier to deliver the furniture to your doorstep, but of course it is always an option. This courier fee is why there is an extra delivery charge.

Brand new Radiator Cabinet

What are Radiator Cabinets?

Radiator Cabinets are quality wooden furniture pieces that surround your radiator. They are the perfect place for pictures, flowers and other household items.

Why Radiator Cabinets?

Many people live in homes that have no fireplace or the fireplace has been removed. This means they don’t have a mantelpiece to place family pictures, statuettes and such. A nice Radiator Cabinet allows you to have a place to display these items in a home.

How can you offer so many designs?

We offer a multitude of designs for our radiator cabinets because we manufacture every single radiator cabinet in our factory on our cutting machine. This means we can cut any design you like, we offer a variety of predetermined designs, but custom designs are possible if needed. We’ve built radiator cabinets with company logos and custom designs.

Radiator Covers

Radiator cabinets are an excellent addition to any home. They can provide additional storage for small items, such as plants and family pictures. They also provide protection from hot and ugly radiators that are probably older than any of the furniture in your home.

Our Radiator Cabinets come in so many different styles and designs. We have creative, intricate designs for those who are interested in styling their homes with a modern aesthetic. For those who want a more traditional, classic look, we have the traditional striped pattern in both horizontal and vertical alignments. The more traditional design is the vertical stripes, however the horizontal is also a popular choice.

radiator cabinet

Radiator Cabinets also come in a variety of different colours and finishes. We can produce them in a plain white colour if you want, but we think the radcover should become a part of your home. It should match the colour and style of your home. And if you ever want the colour changed in a few years, we can take them back to our factory and repaint them for you.

If you are interested in purchasing a quality radiator cabinet, or have any cabinetry/carpentry work done, such as a new dining table or bunk bed be sure to give us a shout!

Radiator covers for children’s rooms.

We manufacture and supply radiator covers for all different types of homes, we build them to ensure that they can fit any home. When people ask about how safe it is to fit a radiator cabinet to their radiators, we want them to know that fitting a rad cover is more safe, not less.

We manufacture many different types of furniture pieces for our customers, Such as bunk beds and Dining tables.

Radiator covers for children’s rooms are even more encouraged because they make sure your children can’t burn themselves on the boiling hot radiators.

radiator covers

Having exposed radiators are a thing of the past, they look ugly, they’re dangerous, and they’re full of sharp edges. Whether they be in your living room, kids’ bedroom or in your walk in wardrobes, if you have small kids in the house you need adequate furniture. The first thing anyone improving their home and upgrading it to be more modern should consider is a radiator cabinet.

This includes children’s rooms.


The benefits of a Radcover.

Any home that uses radiators for heat could benefit from installing a radcover. This is especially true for older houses where the fitted radiators might not be appealing. Replacing old radiators with new, cleaner ones would do nothing for heating performance and would cost thousands. Instead you can improve the look of your radiators with some radcovers.


A fitted radcover

radcovers need to be large enough to fit around the entire unit without touching it. radcovers should have multiple holes to allow for heat to transfer through the unit, while still keeping its stylish appeal.

Why install a radcover?

The most important reason to install some radcovers is safety. Radiators can get extremely hot, If your home has small children or pets who may brush up against them, radiators can be quite hazardous. Additionally, If a radiator malfunctions and beings leaking, large amounts of hot steam can be produced. radcovers will prevent this steam from shooting out into the room.

With a radcover, a radiator can distribute heat better then without one. Since the heat is being pushed away from the wall, heat that would otherwise go into the ceiling goes straight into the middle of the room. Studies have shown the difference in the heat of a room can be as much as four and a half degrees.

How is a radcover built?

We manufacture our radcovers, Bunk beds dublin, & Dining tables in our Dublin-based factory in kylemore, park north. When we get the order for a new radcover, we immediately load up our cnc router cutting machine and begin cutting out the design the customer requested. From there we continue to cut all the individual pieces of the unit. Afterwards they are spray painted by our in-house spray painting team and left to dry. Finally, the pieces are put together and ready to be delivered straight to your home.

Radiator cover

When you first move into a new house, It doesn’t feel like home. Make it feel like home with a Radiator cover from us here at radcover.ie. Radiator covers are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your home. They provide an excellent designer quality to your home. We offer various designs and colours to ensure that you can find one that is fitting to your style.

We’re Dublin’s #1 Radiator cover manufacturer. We design, cut and build all of our radiator covers here in our factory kylemore. All of our products are 100% Irish made, no hassle dealing with companies in china or even the Uk. We’re based in Dublin so if you have any questions or queries you can call us or visit us in our factory in kylemore.

Radiator cover

Why buy a radiator cover?

A Radiator cover is essential for any new home. The days of leaving ugly radiators exposed is gone, everyone has some type of fixture attached to their radiators. Why? Because they are a relatively cheap and add a personal touch to your home. You can also add personal touches to your home with a brand new dining set. Take a look at our competitive prices.

Technician Certified

rad cover designs

Here at radcover.ie we get a lot of questions about our Radiator covers in relation to in the event of a problem with your radiators how a technician will perform regular check-ups and repairs. (more…)